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Update for 1/4/2012 – In a crazy coincidence, I have the flu on the exact same date as I did last year and heard that a lot of other folks do too.  So here is an updated version of the post from last year.

It’s flu season and there is a particularly nasty one going around the City right now.  Unfortunately, I got socked with it this week so I am stuck in bed with chills, fever, body aches and all the other nasty things that go with it.  Because I am always on the go, I really hate getting sick.  But I finally have resigned to the fact that this is God’s way of making me take a break.  Here are some TGATP handy and fun tips to get you through a flu period:

A dog or cat – The incredible Dinah Washington Cat likes to play nurse when I am not well and lies very close by me, almost morphing her purring self into my body, to give off a healing energy.  This is a very welcome addition to the healing process.

Nice PJs – Since you will keep getting hot then cold then hot, good soft PJs are a must.  I’m in the Soma Personality ones that I posted about at Christmas.

Gaia Black Elderberry Syrups and Quick Defense – Found in Europe and North America, black elderberries have long been used in traditional cultures to support immune function.   Take these at the first sniffle to limit the duration of the flu.

Luxor Sheets 1400 Thread Count Sheets – Thread count really does make a difference, particularly when you are sick.  There is nothing like a crisp cool sheet on a feverish body.  Try Luxor Linens for the most luxurious sheets you will ever sleep on!

Homedics Therapist Select Massage Pillow and Deluxe Shiatsu One Massaging Cushion – I posted about these Homedics items before and they have provided welcome relief from the headaches and body aches that have accompanied this flu.



Box sets – It is a great time to catch up on your TV viewing.  I am doing Mad Men, Perry Mason, and I Love Lucy.

Netflix Watch Instantly – Hopefully Netflix will start the planned phase out of the mailing system and make all their movies available instantly as it is so convenient, particularly when you have the flu, to be able to pick a film and watch it right away.

Grooveshark and Pandora – If you don’t already have these, get them right away.  Pandora is awesome but Grooveshark is even better since it allows you to create your own playlists.

Daily Om – While you are physically a bit weak, it’s a great time to work on the Spirit.  Daily Om offers a lot of great classes starting at just $1.oo.


Samsung Tablet  – Gaming helps take your mind off your pain.  I love Angry Birds, although I am still figuring it all out.

Pure Inventions Extracts – I take these vitamin packed extract every day and it helps boost your reserves.  Since I couldn’t eat for days,I took these with water.  My favorites are the Wild Cherry Apple with Resveratrol and the Tranquility formula was very helpful.

Bananas, Apple Sauce, Chicken and Rice, Potatoes – Last year at this time, I had one of the worse flus I have ever had and I couldn’t eat at all for 2 days.  On day three, thank God for bananas, mashed potatoes, and apple sauce since  that was the only thing I felt like having at all.   Boiled chicken and rice also helped.

Ginger Ale and Gatorade – When you have a fever, it is imperative to replenish your fluids.  Ginger Ale and Gatorade were a literal lifesaver.

Edy’s Fruit Bars – When the tummy stayed queasy for four days, the Edy’s Pineapple Fruit Bars helped me through.  With only 80 calories, these treats cooled me off and provided some sweet relief.

Shopping Networks – Never watched more of these!  If you can afford to, what better way to lift your Spirits than to buy yourself a new bauble that you can ohh and ahh over it from your sick bed?  Have it delivered overnight and you’ll have something to look forward to for the next day.

Friends and Family who care – Since it can be very scary to be single and sick, it is very important to have a network of good people around you.  When I get a bad flu, I always feel like I am dying and start preparing my Last Will and Testament.  So there is nothing like a good friend to tell me to cut the crap and buck up.  Take every call from these sort of friends and family members but avoid the ones, who cause you stress.

Self Tanning Products –  When I get sick I am unable to look in the mirror.  I get so pale there doesn’t seem to be a Black gene left in me!   Thank God, for Fake Bake and the Dex Body Glow as I can’t be seen in public with the weird pallor that I am left with.

And finally to avoid getting the flu, try out the funny masks (pictured above), that I found online while preparing this post.  Check them out at:  http://www.creativeblok.com/

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