Celebrate Cinco De Mayo With Good Stuff Beverages

Woo hoo! NYC just went fully legal for recreational cannabis and I can’t wait to get my company Cannappetit launched. So I am all about highlighting some of my fellow cannabis founders and companies.

This Cinco De Mayo, TGATP is happy to introduce you to a company I just discovered that makes yummy cannabis infused bevies! Good Stuff Beverages is banishing liver damaging alcohol in favor of uplifting THC that’ll make the day after come that much easier. Their Strawberry Hibiscus Lemonade beverage is the perfect substitute for tequila, and their Aqua de Jamaica Cocktail will be the go-to beverage for the smart set ready to celebrate.

Easily paired with the Rockfish ceviche (tossed with Good Stuff Beverage’s Cannabis Infused Honey Lemonade, the party on the 5th of May has already gotten started.

Jamaican Hibiscus Drink


8-10 cups Water

2 cups dried Hibiscus Flowers

3-5 Cinnamon Sticks

1 Tbsp. Sugar

3-5 Capfuls Good Stuff Beverage Co. Cannabis-Infused Strawberry Hibiscus Lemonade (1 capful equals 3.3mg of THC)


Bring water to a boil and add hibiscus flowers 

Add 2 cinnamon sticks and sugar

Turn heat down to med-low

Simmer for 30 minutes until a deep red

Strain flowers out and chill until room temperature

Add Good Stuff Strawberry Hibiscus Lemonade

Pour over ice and into an 8oz glass

Stir and add cinnamon stick to garnish 

Rockfish Ceviche

Ingredients (adjust to personal taste):

1lb of Rockfish Fillet (serves 4 people)

4-5 Limes (Juice for Ceviche)

1/4 Red Onion (medium size)

1 Fresno Chile

1 Persian Cucumber

1 Watermelon Radish

6-8 Sprigs of Fresh Cilantro

3-5 Capfuls Good Stuff Beverage Co. Cannabis-Infused Honey Lemonade
(1 capful equals 3.3mg of THC)



Dice rockfish fillet into bite size cubes put in a bowl

Add Good Stuff Honey Lemonade and sit 5-7 minutes

Add fresh lime juice & a pinch of salt to “cook” for 10 minutes

Slice red onion into thin strips and mix into to the ceviche 

Cut the Fresno chile in 1/2, remove the seeds and chop into small pieces and mix into to the ceviche

 Let mixture “cook” for about 20 minutes

‪Strain lime juice from rockfish, onion, and chile

‪Optional to Taste

Slice Persian cucumbers and watermelon radish into thin rounds and place on ceviche 

Dice cilantro sprigs and leaves and place on ceviche

Choose your favorite Tortilla Chips enjoy!

That Girl At the Party

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