Five Great Cat Products

I adore all animals. They are far better to us than we even deserve. Animals see us as we really are and adore us for our true spirits. I have two beautiful and feisty cats and I am always on the lookout for great products and toys for them.

Read on for five of my current favorites:


Square Pet Cat Food | $29

I had taken my cats off of dry food because previously Yoko used to eat it too fast and just throw it back up. But I was recently sent a bag of this great food for them to sample and they absolutely love it. I give a small handful to them each day as their snack and they love it and best of all, Yoko keeps it down. It’s veterinarian-formulated, all-natural, and made of 98% of protein from cage-free turkey, chicken, whole eggs, and salmon. Packed with phytonutrient-dense fruits and vegetables plus vitamins C & E to support immune health, it’s the perfect food and/or snack for your cats. It sells out fast on their site, so I have it on Autoship from



Leaps And Bounds Domed Cat Tool | $11.99
(on sale at Petco)

My fur kids need tons of things to distract them while I work. Otherwise, they walk across my desk and try to get my attention all day. This electronic toy from Leaps and Bounds keeps them thrilled for hours as it waddles and spins across the room.

Purina HydraCare Supplement | $14.99 for 12 packets

Kidney disease is a major health hazard for cats because they rarely drink enough water.  So I make sure they drink a package of this wonderful hydrator every day. I notice the difference, particularly in Yoko, who was a bit dehydrated on her previous vet visit. This used to be only available with a prescription but fortunately is now sold over the counter via Chewy.

Cepheus 360 Advanced Porcelain Cat Water Fountain | $64

My vet also suggested I buy them a little fountain to keep my fur kids engaged and interested in drinking more. I researched dozens. Many got really bad reviews so I  settled on this one from Cepheus.

Star Wars C-3PO Plush Kicker With Catnip | $7.99

I am a lifelong Jedi so anything Star Wars-themed is welcome in my house. Both Yoko and Bodhi are mad for this toy. Yoko always tears the stuffing out within a few months, so I keep extra on hand.

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