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The Doll Series: Annabelle Meets The Grudge

¬†“Annabelle” meets “The Conjuring”¬†meets “Ju-On”, The Doll series is good, scary fun from Indonesian director/producer Rocky Soraya. Centered around haunted dolls but with the added terror of accompanying demons, this horror film series delivers.

You’re Next Is A Fun-Filled Horror Ride!

Home invasion never seemed more terrifying! As the Davidson family gather for a family get together they discover they are not alone as some univited guests have shown up for dinner.

More “Scream” than “The Conjuring”, You’re Next is twisty, good fun and a must see for every horror movie fan. You’ll laugh, you’ll scream, you’ll shout at the scream and you’ll have a blast! I’m all ready for “You’re Next 2”!