EXCLUSIVE: Chrissy Teigen Talks Upcoming Nuptials and Hanging with Isaiah Mustafa

Isaiah and Terry

Old Spice held a small, intimate shindig at the Highline Stages hosted by Old Spice Men Isaiah Mustafa and Terry Crews with John Legend‘s supermodel fiance, Chrissy Teigen.  Eat your hearts out ladies and gents!  I got to kick it with both Chrissy and Isaiah.

Gorgeous Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy and I dished a bit about her upcoming nuptials and she is a complete blast.  When I asked her about the dress, she stated that she was definitely going to have two.  She explained that whenever she and John attend any big events, like the Grammys, she always changes her mind about the chosen outfit and has to stop and shop as soon as they land.  In addition, while I stated I would be the stereotypical princess bride with the long train, etc, Chrissy said she is going to be less formal, so her hair and makeup can be more natural.  I have met Chrissy a couple of times and shot her and John at various events.  Her laid back demeanor reminds me a bit of my other favorite model, Molly Sims.  She is GORGEOUS, fun, and totally unpretentious and always just works the crowd at events.  Star Jones, who TGATP recently walked away feeling awful after meeting, could DEFINITELY take some lessons from this lovely girl.  Two words:  Lucky John!


And Isaiah, Isaiah, Isaiah.  Say it loud and there’s music playin’, say if soft and it’s almost like praying!  I was actually hoping he was not gonna be as hot as he appears in the Old Spice ads.  For some reason, I pictured him short.  But he is about 6’4″ and absolutely DELISH!  No visible star attitude, no arrogance, just a genuinely nice everyday guy!  Love him!  The other Isaiah in Hollywood could learn a tip or two, on gratitude and humility, from this one.

Isaiah’s currently shooting a movie in Indiana called “Old Days” about a Hollywood actor, who returns to his childhood home to rediscover his true self.  The film is written and directed by Michael Rosenbaum, (Lex Luthor on “Smallville”) who also stars and Isaiah’s other co-stars include Harland Williams of “Dumb and Dumber” and “Half Baked”.  I asked Isaiah how amazing it is to finally be getting these breaks and he was so gracious and humble, that it makes me really want him to go far.  He also hopes to write a script soon and I expressed to him how much we would love to see him in a rom-com.  I am very much looking forward to doing a 20 Questions Q&A with him in the near future.   I predict great success for this gorgeous, yet unassuming, Man.


And finally till now, who knew that new Old Spice Man, Terry Crews had the body he’s been hiding!  I teased him about how they should’ve had him do more topless scenes on “Everyone Loves Chris”!    Would love to see him cast in some action films.

Terry and a Lumberjack

I also caught up with celebrity gossip maven, Flo Anthony, who I haven’t seen in ages.  To complete the “manly man doing manly things” theme of the party, Old Spice flew in some real life lumberjacks!  Guests were sent home with a ton of Old Spice products and a funny looking Bear deodorant holder that is so trailer trash, that I absolutely love it!


That Girl At the Party

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