Celebrate National Grandparents Day


National Grandparent’s Day, which lands on Sunday, September 7th, is quickly approaching, so get your shop on!  It’s the perfect day to show Grandparents how much they are appreciated and cared for. Trollbeads are a lovely option with their beautiful collection of Grandparent’s Day jewelry, including bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

Grandma’s Favorite Bangle is a chic silver bracelet and features Grandma’s Favorite Bead, two White Pearl Beads and two silver stoppers. The Caring Light Bracelet includes a stunning Caring Light Bead with intricate details in the heart and a double clasp lock. The Flowers for Grandma Bracelet includes a Big Flower Lock, an Ivory Violets Bead, a Grandma Bead and a Fantasy Flower Bead. The Summer Love Fantasy Necklace is a timeless piece that is based on the Fantasy Pearl Necklace and includes a My Heart Pendant and a Pink Desert glass bead. The Secret Heart Earrings are beautiful dangling silver hearts with a heart made of gold on the inside.

Trollbeads are available at: www.trollbeads.com   

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