10 Top Products And Events At CE Week 2013

A self-confessed tech nut, TGATP had a blast covering NY CE Week. Here are the top ten products plus a newly discovered organization, I am most excited about:

1. Women In CE – The Women In CE kicked off the week with an inspiring day of seminars and networking for Women working in any aspect of the tech industry. Sam Horn ran us through a series of exercises and had us stand talk and be “in the game” with “basketball hands”, which is advice I have already put into action. And I can’t say enough about how awesome Mika Brzezinski is! She was zero bullshit giving us a talk about knowing our worth that was mixed with humor, f-bombs, and a ton of really great advice. While Sheryl Sandberg wrote that women need to “Lean in!”, Mika says “Stop the emotional bs and stand up for yourself!” I was very inspired by this incredible conference and plan to check out other events from this organization.



2. Mind Booster PSiO 1.1(see above)  A pair of glasses that provide personal audiovisual stimulation through synchronized lights and sounds, there is no question that this product will be a favorite in my house!  Over the course of two days, I demoed it four times and literally floated out of the chair each time.  With the stress of today’s business world coupled with the hustle and bustle of city living, I highly recommend this product for daily use. I am not a big fan of the electronic music idea as I didn’t find it relaxing   But I am mad for the Joy Of Life meditation, which takes you all the way back to your subconscious. With the voice guiding you to free yourself of all fear, pain, and sorrow while the lights blink in front of you this meditation is, literally, like dying and coming back!  This is an absolute must-have product!


3. Basis Sensor – I will be reviewing this further as part of my weight loss series. The Basis is the most advanced sensor and fashion forward on the market. It includes: an optical blood flow sensor to capture your heart rate throughout the day, a 3-axis accelerometer that detects movement to measure your sleep quality, a perspiration monitor to monitor the intensity of your workout, and a skin temperature feature to monitor exertion levels. Your stats are managed through wirelessly syncing the device with your Mac, PC or iPad and the battery lasts for four days. Best of all, unlike other brands, there are no subscription fees! This is a MUST-HAVE!



4. InNuevo Six-In-One Dock With Keyboard and Speakers for iPad – I love these for the sheer adorable factor. The colors are so fun and uplifting that I suggest you mix and match them. This handy product combines an external battery, a USB charging port, a portrait/landscape stand, a keyboard holder, stereo speakers, in a case! Would love to see the company expand these to other tablets, including the Kindle Fire HD, which I love and needs more accessories.




5. Go Tribal Active Budz App – In keeping with the trend towards more personalized social networks, the Go Tribal Active Budz app is a way for people to form communities around fitness goals.  Once you download the app, you can reach out to other Active Budz members for support, recommendations or actual fitness meetups.  It is currently in Beta but set to launch soon.



6. iTherapy Smart Cure – This awesome app uses condition specific sounds and vibrations to turn your tablet or smartphone into a healing device. I am very excited to try this out. It’s a great idea and will be a wonderful addition to my home spa products.  I would, however, love to see the development of pointed headphones, specially designed for this app, to improve its effectiveness.  At $4.99 it’s definitely worth a try.


7. Sound Pop – Tiny wireless speaker with big sound that are waterproof, so you can mount it in your shower.



8. Cyber-Relax Chair – This is the creme de la creme of massage chairs! This chair creates a virtual map of your back then delivers a massage contoured to your body. It delivers the most human-like massage of any chair on the market. I will definitely have one of these in my home one day. Pair with the PSiO and prepare to be so relaxed that you leave your physical body!


9. Withings Smart Body Analyzer – This awesome one-stop at-home health tracking system measures your weight and body fat, tracks your heart rate, monitors your air quality, and wirelessly synchs to your smartphone.




10. Velodyne vQuiet Headphones – I am mad for anything that drowns out my noisy neighbors and the crazy loud sounds on city subways. These wireless headphones are both fashionable and so noise reducing that they remove 90% of unwanted sound.


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