The Best Tech Gifts For Holiday 2013

According to Experian Marketing Services, tech products are the number one gift that Americans want this season with smartphones, tablets, and game consoles in very high demand.  I admit to having a bit of an addiction for the latest and greatest in all those categories so here are my picks:

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1.  Singtrix – This is at the very top of my gift wish list because singing is the one talent I always wish I had!  While I can carry a tune due to 20 years of violin lessons, Christina Aguliera I am not!   A vocal effect studio with thousands of songs through an app and a mic and speaker, the Singtrix turns everyone into a singer.  I HAVE TO HAVE THIS!


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2. Bose Sound Link Mini – Tiny package with raging big sound, I love this portable speaker and carry mine from room to room.



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3. Touchfire Keyboard for iPad – One of the major problems with the iPad is typing.  Since I use mine as a second computer, I am always on the lookout for a great keyboard.  The Touchfire is it!  Less cumbersome than cases, it is a handy silicone strip that fit over the on screen keys to make typing a breeze.  Get this for everyone with an iPad on your list.  I would love to see the company expand this idea to other tablets like the Galaxy Note 10.1, the Google, and the Nexus tablet.







4. iPad Air – My very favorite possession is my iPad.  I do EVERYTHING on it.  I work on double, sometimes triple, screens and the iPad is always one of them.  While I have last year’s Retina display model, I always believe if it’s new if should be the latest.  Skip the cellular plan which  just creates another monthly bill.  There is WiFi everywhere nowadays and on the few occasions there isn’t, I use the hotspot on my smartphone.



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5. LG G2 – Everyone was gaga for the Samsung Galaxy IIII but the LG G2 is actually superior on many counts.  It’s a slight bit less out-of-the-box user friendly but the camera is much better and the screen is the clearest available.  Thme kind folks at LG sent me one after the launch this summer and I have ditched my previous phone company of choice – Samsung – in favor of it.






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6. Samsung Note III – I am mad for the Note II, so am salivating for the III.  I love that it is a “phablet” a combination phone/mini tablet and I sometimes can work mainly from it in the field.  It is top of my holiday wish list..






7.  Xbox One/Playstation 4 –  If you are a serious gamer, ya gotta have both an X-Box and a Playstation!  I know it’s pricey but hey, you only live once.

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8. Bose Quiet Comfort 20 Noise Cancelling Headphones – These are a bit pricey but boy are they worth it!  You cannot hear a single sound when they are in noise cancelling mode and they also have a handy switch that allows for what Bose calls active mode, for when you want to hear a bit of what is going on around you.



9. Google Chromecast – Ditch the bulky Roku and go with this handy and crazy affordable little device that allows you to stream your online content onto your TV.  Plugs into any HDTV and uses your WiFi.


10. Velodyne Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones – For the very best sound wirelessly, check out these cool headphones from Velodyne! I am loving these right now and they even come with interchangeable skins, to match your outfit. They are simply a must for the fashionistas on your list!

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