Top Five Luxury Travel Spots for A Winter Getaway!


With the cool winds descending onto New York, my thoughts are already on which tropical island paradise I will be exploring over the holidays.  Offering recreation, relaxation and a period of respite from work and life’s attendant trials and tribulations, a vacation is a chance to unwind and take it easy, especially during the hectic winter months.   Most people looking for a luxury travel destination want to find a comfortable place away from home that offers also offers a touch of splendor that makes them feel special.  The top luxury travel spots have all the amenities for a fabulous vacation: savor these possibilities and relish the best of the bunch.



1. Maldives

Energetic folks who enjoy surfing, scuba diving and snorkeling will find the Maldives an ideal vacation spot, with lots of sunshine and a very easygoing atmosphere.  A favorite with discerning tourists since the early 1970s, most visitors head for the capital and largest city Malé, one of the few places where natives and tourists mingle.  The Maldives remains a top vacation destination today, with some of the islands being dedicated entirely to tourism and having excellent services and facilities – perfect for fun diving holidays and romantic getaways.

2. Las Vegas (see pic above)

The opulence of the Las Vegas Strip is world famous and the fountains dancing outside the Italian themed hotel Bellagio Las Vegas are awe-inspiring indeed.  Las Vegas has brilliant casino-hotels plus great shows, shopping and restaurants; this is the top place for a fast-paced luxury break amidst the bright lights of the self-styled Entertainment Capital of the World.   There are also excellent museums and art centers, historic parks and the very popular Las Vegas Zoo.  Plus, remember “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” so let your hair down and have a crazy great time!




3. Barbados

Expect a warm welcome, superb facilities and great service from this pearl of the Caribbean.  With its luxury hotels and fantastic restaurants, this truly exotic island tempts visitors to relax completely and make the most of their vacation.  Besides the extensive entertainment and nightlife that is available, sports activities and sightseeing are popular pastimes.  Theme vacations in Barbados include opportunities to play golf, enjoy some jazz and to party.  There are also eco-packages that feature an island safari tour, swimming with turtles and a trip to the local wildlife reserve.


4. Thailand

Offering something just a little bit different, The Kingdom of Thailand is famous for its superb cuisine, its rejuvenating massages and its unique culture.  Exotic dancers, drummers and superb giant puppets perform to the unique music of Thailand, which has remarkable influences, and the nightlife includes large-scale spectacular shows often with fantastical settings. This is a fascinating country where traditional experiences sit alongside contemporary ones and where it’s possible to combine a luxury holiday with spiritual enlightenment.



5. Cyprus

Cyprus is an unique Mediterranean island with a great deal to offer visitors.  Of historical significance, the Turkish Cypriot and Greek cultures have co-existed as separate entities for some time, and there are many sacred sites, monasteries, churches and monuments to religious prayer and devotion.  Cyprus combines luxury hotels and resorts with an environment that includes quaint little houses and cobbled streets; fascinating markets are just around the corner, awaiting discovery.  There are mountain trails for hiking, warm sandy beaches for relaxing and championship golf courses for sports enthusiasts.

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