TGATP Business School

With interviews and how-tos from TGATP’s favorite people in business, the TGATP Business School is designed to keep you abreast of all the important information you need to launch and maintain your small business.

EZBZ Tech Concierge Teams With The MCC

As a serial entrepreneur, I am always on the lookout for new and innovative services to make business flow easier. The new collaboration between EZBZ and The Manhattan Chamber of Commerce is a godsent. (Level 16 Post – see full disclosure page for level descriptions)

Talking Women’s Empowerment With #BonnieLowKramen

As I am running a business, launching a foundation, and running this site, all at the same time, the subject of women in business is currently always on my mind. Thus, I have started the TGATP Business School, a series of interviews with the top female business leaders and advisers to help both myself and my readers. First up, and interview with Bonnie Low Kramen, an amazing business coach, who has created the Speak Up! platform. Read on for an explanation of this marvelous Life tool.

Faking it Until You Make it: Six Steps to Gaining Credibility as a Startup

With this magazine, a PR company, 3 start-up ideas, and a Foundation, my mind is always on business these days! Thus, I am very happy to offer any article that will help my fellow entrepreneurs. I have launched a new category “TGATP Business School” to bring you interviews and articles from the greatest business minds in the world. Here is a great piece from writer/entreprenuer Danielle Tate on the best ways to take your idea from a twinkle in your eye to an actual start-up!

13 Tips To Make You A Blogging Pro

There has been a lot of talk on the online PR forum, that I am a very active member of, about Bloggers by PR people. Unfortunately, most of it has been negative. While I have been avidly defending us, there have been some valid complaints and there is tons of room for improvement. Since I can speak from both sides, here is Part Two of my series on PR and Blogger relations , in which, I both call out and educate my blogging colleagues.

How Publicists Can Properly Engage The Blogging Community

The question of working with Bloggers has repeatedly popped up on the online PR/Media forum that I am a very active member of. Since I have run this magazine for five years and I currently rep some brands, I have seen the good, the bad and the fugly from both sides. Thus, this is the first of a two-part series on PR/Blogger relations.

WayFounder Seeks To Fund Great Ideas

That Girl At The Party is very excited to launch a new category – TGATP Business School, which will help entrepreneurs and small business owners through posts about the latest business services and products mixed with interviews from our favorite entrepreneurs and business leaders.

For our first story, we want to introduce you to WayFounder, a new company designed to help “nontrepreneurs”, people with great ideas but no access to capital or resources, turn their ideas into viable businesses. Count us in!