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With That Girl At The Party approaching its 6th Anniversary this May, I have thousands of pictures on numerous different devices.  One is a MacBook so old that I only keep it around because it has pictures I still need on it.  In addition, I have dozens of SD cards ladened with photos.  Thus, I was absolutely thrilled to learn about #LyveHome, a new way to store pictures and videos at #TheMoms event with #Molly Sims, this past Thursday.  



With Lyve Home, you can consolidate all the videos and pics scattered across your computers, laptops, tablets, and phones into a single library, which is organized by date and viewable in a beautiful timeline.  The stats on this handy device are impressive! There is an amazing 2TB of storage capacity allowing for thousands of images to be saved. Lyve Home backs up automatically via WiFi or Ethernet so there is no need to pay annual fees for cloud storage.  An SD slot and a USB port allow you to upload pictures from old devices and SD cards.  Up to three users can use the same device making Lyve Home ideal for families.  Added features include an LCD scrolling touchscreen with a digital clock, continued updates from Dropbox and other photo storage folders, easy sharing to Facebook and Twitter (I would add Instagram!) and an in app camera that allows you to never have to delete a photo again.  And best of all, Lyve Home is compatible with both IOS and Android should you, like me, love Mac computers but prefer Android smartphones.   

The app is free and the Lyve Home device retails for $299.  

That Girl At the Party

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