What Are the Best Uses of Waterproof Labels

Whether you are looking for labeling your child’s baby bottles or storage containers, waterproof stickers are an excellent choice. These stickers or labels work best on the wet, moisture-rich surfaces or items that continuously come in contact with water. It’s even better if you go for personalized ones.

The durable materials of personalized waterproof labels make them fit for versatile purposes. You can find them in weatherproof matte, white gloss, or transparent gloss materials along with a robust and durable adhesive. Most importantly, the labels are writeable and reusable, as well.

Here are some common uses of waterproof labels that will amaze you.

Labeling Baby Bottles

Most of the stuff belonging to your feisty newborn or infant will end up near a sink or bathroom several times a day in daycare. So, you need waterproof labels on these items, especially their bottles. As a result, there’s no staining on the surfaces, bleeding ink, or sodden wet paper.

Also, these labels can withstand hot or cold water temperatures in the sink or dishwasher. You can choose write-on labels that allow you to provide directions to the caregiver or babysitter at the facility.

Waterproof Jackets

The life-saving gear like waterproof vests, jackets, and willies also need labeling when you camp out with your kids. Sometimes, these gears may make the kids look chubby or even uncomfortable. But, with a funky label, you can personalize their jackets and make your kids love them.

Even at school, you need personalized waterproof labels to make your child’s stuff easily identifiable among identical garments. Labeling on the outside leads to quick identification as compared to sewing names on their inside. Choose an exciting theme and pattern to personalize the labels as per their likes.

Frozen Meals, Prep Meals, and Leftovers

If you have a lot of frozen stuff in your fridge, use waterproof labels for clean markings on them. Since they are resistant to moisture and water, these labels don’t become flimsy. Also, they are less likely to peel off under the freezing temperature.

When you want to defrost these items, you don’t have to worry about tearing the label under warm water. The meal preps or leftovers in your fridge are easy to identify and sort with these labels. You can write anything like the date of preparation, contents of the meal, etc. on the labels.

Pantry Items

Organize your kitchen and pantry with custom labels available in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Choose waterproof stickers on the jars, food packets, spice jars, sauce bottles, and other containers.

Even if you expose these items to water or moisture, the labels will stay intact due to their durable materials.

Plant Pots

If you have your herb garden in the backyard or keep your pot plants outside, label them with waterproof stickers for details like name and medicinal properties. This way, if you spill liquids while watering your pots, there will be no damage to the labels.

Also, you can turn it into a fun activity by asking your kids to join you and decorate the labels. These are some interesting, practical, and common uses of personalized waterproof labels.

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