#BEA and #BookCon Were A Book Lover’s Dream



Been a bit backed up on my blogging, so this story is a bit late.  But I have to give a shout-out to the amazing time I had at the Book Expo America and Book Con this year!

One of the greatest gifts my beloved late Mama gave me was the love of reading.  She taught me to read at just 3, which was long before the “Baby Can Read” trend.  In third grade, we had one hour to read each day and while the other kids were on age appropriate fare, like “Charlotte’s Web “, I was busy page page turning Ira Levin’s “The Stepford Wives”.  This  led to a hilarious episode in which I asked the teacher what a certain word meant that was very adult, turning his big fat face a bright beet red and leading to a call to my parents! I loved reading so much that my parents would have to force me to stop and I would often stay up way past bedtime with a flashlight illuminating my Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books.  I can still remember the Joy that the Scholastic Book Fairs brought and how happy I would be when all my books arrived.


The annual Book Expo America and Book Con always take me back to those halycon days and this year was the best yet.  From Harlequin to Chronicle to National Geographic to Random House to Simon and Schuster to New Harbinger – all the big names in publishing were there with their upcoming books and star authors.

There were tons of highlights with panels and signings from Mindy Kalling, Gloria Steinem, Aziz Anzari and the completely hilarious Nick Offerman.

I scored a lot of great reads, particularly some great Spiritual and children’s books, so will be reviewing those as I get through them.  I can’t wait till next year!  It has, moved to Chicago for 2016, so planning that trip now.


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