American Eagle Times Square Opening


The American Eagle Store at Times Square (1551 Broadway) was the best store opening ever!  With hundreds of hot trendsetting guests and a performance by Gossip Girl Leighton Messter, we had a complete blast.  This was an event done right with personalized goodies on every floor.  We were gifted with cool truckers hats grafitti tagged with our own monikers (mine is hot pink and sez “That Girl At The Party” natch!) and hoodies with a choice of a variety of different stencil options.  In addition, we got thong thong thong thongs, perfume, flannel shirts, and a knit hat and scarf set all in a cute big tote!  It was too packed to really get much food or take many pics but drinks flowed and flowed!  Times Square remains the only chunk of NY where you can experience a weird encounter!  On the way home, a Jamaican dude in a Spiderman costume tried to pick me up!  It was just mad funny!

That Girl At the Party

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