Make It An Aerosoles Summer!


Summer is finally here and I am swapping out my storage – yes, until I get that walk-in-closet, I am paying a fortune for storage – from winter to summer.  As you plan out that summer wardrobe, it’s also time to update your footwear collection with a new season of trends from TGATP‘s absolute favorite shoe store, Aerosoles.  Being a NYC girl on the go, who loves style but values comfort, I confess to owning at least a 120 pairs of Aerosoles shoes.

This season’s bright neon colors, ultra-feminine patterns and geometric prints are sure to be a huge hit and are an easy way to add a stylish and edgy pop of color to any outfit.  This summer, Aerosoles has everything you need to stay on-trend, plus comfort you can depend on for under $100!   Watch out for their sales where $69 shoes are often reduced to crazy prices, like $29 and $39!

Below are just a few of te featured styles from the collection.   You can also check out more at




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