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Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, Marcus Goldhaber developed a passion for Jazz alongside a 1928 Ivers & Pond upright piano, on which his mother casually played countless standards after dinner each night.  After receiving his BFA in Musical Theatre from SUNY Fredonia, he moved to the City and after a brief stint as an actor, returned to his roots of singing the standards of Harold Arlen, Dorothy Fields, Jimmy McHugh, and countless others.

Today, Marcus is warmly received in the music world for his intimate approach to straight-ahead Jazz.  In the past three years, he has performed at several top NYC venues, including: The Iridium, The Cutting Room, The Friars Club, The Makor/Steinhardt Center, The Carnegie Club, Lenox Lounge and The Ritz Carlton and the AOL Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle.  In addition, he has maintained residencies at both The Benjamin Hotel and The Downstairs Room at Penang, with a new Thursday night residency starting up at The Night Hotel in April 2009.

His debut CD, “The Moment After,” was released in 2006 on his independent label, Fallen Apple Records.  It received noteworthy praise from People Magazine, New York Magazine, Jazz Times, Jazz Improv, Hot House Magazine, All About Jazz.  In addition, the album had aggressive international airplay including several featured spots by Jonathan Schwartz of WNYC & XM Radio.

In November of 2008, Marcus released his much-anticipated follow-up album, “Take Me Anywhere,” which introduced him for the first time as a songwriter.  He co-wrote 7 original tracks with pianist, Jon Davis and 10 new arrangements of his favorite jazz standards.  Take Me Anywhere” was welcomed with glowing reviews from all of the top Jazz magazines and earned a 4 out of 4 star review in People Magazine, which is a feat for any indie artist, let alone an indie jazz artist!

TGATP was lucky enough to discover Marcus last fall at the record release party for “Take Me Anywhere” and I am proud to have him as my first 20 Questions interview subject!   I strongly recommend that you catch his gigs about town and make his music a part of your Life’s soundtrack!



Inspired by: Love and spontaneity.

Remembered as: Opposed to being forgotten.

Hope for:  Total peace.

Believe in: The potential of humankind.

In 5 years:  I will have jumped out of a plane.

In 20 years: We will all have gigantic, muscular thumbs from over-texting each other.

Happiest when: The wind blows over my face on a warm Fall afternoon.

Can’t stand: Sitting.

Will always: Have a sense of humor.

Saddest when: Love fades away.

Angry that: NYC does not have recycling bins on every street corner.

Regret that:  I won’t be around in 100 years.

In Love with: New beginnings and fresh starts.

Favorite Song: Today?  Moonlight Drive (The Doors).

Can’t live without: Family, love, friends, music, laughter, hugs, kisses and water.

Am searching for:  Happiness (and my keys).

Will never: Play charades with Marcel Marceau.

Would Change:  The overall need in this country to always have more.

Heart’s desire: To have more  – kidding.  Would love to travel all over the world.

Motto:Whenever you find you are on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” – Mark Twain

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