#Wondershow Was Wonderful!


The Patrick Terry produced spectacular Wondershow returned to NYC on August 21st – 23rd at The Muse, Bushwick’s newly renovated circus arts warehouse.

Called “Professional mindf*ckery by some of the most skilled performers in the business” this iteration of Wondershow included the world famous Jon Stetson, the inspiration for TV’s The Mentalist, who blew my mind with his accuracy.  I was one of the volunteers and he was so spot on it was scary. Master Lee (Late Night with Conan O’Brien), TJ Tana (Masters of Illusion), The Great Throwdini (Winner of The Merlin Award, 40 Guinness World Records, The Late Show with David Letterman) Ben Nemser (Hollywood’s Magic Castle), prima burlesque ballerina Aurora Black also performed.

Presented exclusively at The Muse – Bushwick’s newly renovated circus arts warehouse – Wondershow was an experience like no other and highlighted the best in underground talent, as well as, established professionals, like the evening’s headliner, Jon Stetson: America’s Master Mentalist. As one of today’s most popular magicians, Jon has appeared on major networks and in major venues around the globe, not to mention private shows for The King of Sweden, The New England Patriots, and multiple Fortune 100 companies. His extensive television credits and thousands of live shows combined with a razor sharp style – and sense of humor – made ‘The Stetson Experience’  unforgettable.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Wondershow also included a special performance from 25-time world record holder, The Great Throwdindi, who has appeared on Good Morning America, ESPN, and The History Channel. A Grand Champion in the Impalement Arts, Throwdini demonstrated the skills that made him one of the most elegant and terrifying entertainers in the world.

Like nothing we expected or imagined, this concert of modern vaudeville  also featured glam soul songstress Audra Isadora as Wondershow’s  Master of Ceremonies.  Described by Vogue as “Your Future Musical Obsession,” she provided a live soundtrack to the night’s spirit for all things astounding and confounding.



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