UGG announces the SS19 UGG Collective

For over 40 years, UGG has been a champion of bold individualism. In an innovative marketing initiative, TGATP favorite UGG footwear has announced The SS19 UGG Collective. The brand has partnered with inspiring individuals, who live life on their own terms.

Channeling the endless potential of the West, with its open roads, diverse landscapes, and self-made attitude, the SS19 UGG Collective is a group of free-thinking creatives whose unflinching pursuit of passion mirrors the brand’s longstanding commitment to artistry, authenticity, and self-expression. Across disciplines and genres, their lifestyles represent everything UGG strives to be – bold, real, and uniquely Californian.



At age 15, singer-songwriter Clementine started her career in music, going on to found LA-based rock band Cherry Glazerr. Chaotic, rebellious, and – above all – original, her lyrics explore contemporary themes with a sharp sense of wit, using music as a vehicle for self-expression, critical inquiry, and social change.

Clementine Creevy featured in top image wearing the Shaine Wisp loafer.



Best known for his breakout role in the highly-acclaimed indie film American Honey, McCaul is a Baltimore native who moved westward to pursue his dreams. In little time, he went from sleeping in a car and waiting tables to starring in a Sundance hit, now set to play the lead role in director Matthew Porterfield’s Putty Hillopposite Jim Belushi.

McCaul Lombardi featured in top image wearing the Neumel MLT boot.



LA-based model Mikaela enjoys singing, painting, eating ramen, and exploring the city with her musician boyfriend Shawkat. When she’s not with Shawkat, she’s dancing the night away in Hollywood with her friends. When Shawkat’s not with Mikaela, he’s navigating the local music scene of Southern California and working to create songs that invigorate people.

Mikaela Kreuzberger featured in top image wearing the Cozette slide.

Shawkat Sanbar featured in top image wearing the Tasman MLT slipper.



The daughter of two artists turned gallery owners, Jozie is a lifelong creative whose designs are intensely preoccupied with life in all its manifestations. A true multi-media artist, she incorporates her designs into tattoos, clothing, jewelry, and prints. As fixated upon internal experience as she is upon external form, Sourdiffe’s work explores life’s ups and downs, finding beauty in tragedy, and strength in vulnerability.

Jozie Sourdiffe featured in top image wearing the Kaley Wisp loafer.



Born and bred in Southern California, Levi is a surfer who’s always lived a couple miles away from the ocean. With a refreshingly irreverent personality, Prairie has never taken himself too seriously, effortlessly stylish both in and out of the water. In his spare time, he shapes surfboards with his brother, plays guitar for his band Distractor, and travels the world.

Levi Prairie featured in top image wearing the Neumel Unlined boot.

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