New WordPress 5.0 Takes Some Getting Used To

Sometimes newer is not necessarily better. I have been publishing on WordPress for 10 years now and love the program. However, the new update is glitchy, not intuitive and overly time-consuming. While it may be great for developers, for the average user, it’s a step backward. It takes me twice as long to post now.

Here are the problems:

The Blocks

The block idea is ok even though it takes some getting used to. Initially, I thought you had to keep adding the blocks, which I didn’t dig. But it seems that by simply hitting return, you can add a new block. However, the user should be able to simply click on a block to delete it. Now you have to select and go up to the toolbar to delete, which is time-consuming.

The Toolbars

The new toolbar is too simplistic and lacks key elements, like being able to change fonts and font colors. I searched high and low and cannot find that feature, which is key to my blog. Also, why is there no spelling and grammar check? I have Grammarly. But it would still be a nice built-in Word Press feature.

The Editing Box

For some crazy reason, the box that you actually type in has a slider, which sometimes is a bit glitchy, and does not show all of my content. It takes tons of work to slide to different parts of the editing page, which was not true before this update.

Saving and Previewing

Loading a preview of my posts and saving drafts is now taking up to a minute! It is so slow, that it is reminding me of the early days of the Internet.

While I am sure that I will get used to this new update Right now, it is busting my girl balls!

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