TGATP’s Heart Goes Out To The Boston Bombing Victims and the Newtown Families

The US Senate Turned Their Backs On These Gun Violence Victims.


TGATP is both saddened and maddened by the constant violent acts that claim innocent lives committed by idiots and demons!  My heart goes out to all of the victims and I hope to see the remaining monster,-I refuse to even type his name in my column –  that committed this atrocious act, brought to justice immediately.  Those that are injured and those that passed are both in my prayers.  We, people of good will and Faith, will not allow these type of evil monsters make us live in fear.  You will all be caught!  Good will always trump evil!

In addition, my prayers are again with the victims of Newtown and their families, who were failed and re-victimized by the US Senate.  It was a slap in the face to all good people of conscience for these Senators to kowtow to the gun lobby and not pass Bill that would help protect us from gun toting maniacs.  I plan to watch all these Senators closely and hope that we are able to take some of their seats from them in 2014.  Their vote against this bill was a vote against human Life and all of them should be ashamed.  The Republican Party truly has become the party of heartless lack of concern for the American people and it is well past time that we stop putting up with it!  Many of these same idiots voted against Sandy relief, as well.  And to Democratic Senators Baucus of Montana and Begich of Alaska, I just have no words to describe the disdain I have for your bad decision. All, but just three of these Senators, are in the pockets of the gun lobby and have the blood of the children of Newtown and all victims of gun violence on their hands.  How could anyone look at those innocent faces and vote against any measure that would help prevent these kind of senseless deaths in the future.

Faces of Complicit Evil

Here are the names of these irresponsible and awful people from The Huffington Post.  I plan to send a tweet to each and every one and hope, every reader of conscience, will too!  They are a disgrace to their country, their parties, and the peaceful universe.


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