TGATP remembers Teena Marie

While snowbound in my Dad’s house in Maryland, I got the awful news of Teena Marie‘s passing.  Teena provided the soundtrack to all of my early love affairs and will be forever missed!   Not just a great performer, she was one helluva gal.  I first met Lady T. a  diminutive lady with one of the biggest female voices in the history of R&B, while working as a hostess at a now closed NY hot spot.   It was my job to take care of the performing artists and I remember her emerging boxer-like in a big fluffy white robe between sets.  We shared cocktails and she asked me my favorite of her songs.  I told her how much I loved “Out on A Limb” and she instructed me to stand right up front for her second set.  Teena knocked my socks off and provided one of the great “forever moments” of my Life, when she sang the song to me with such passion and fire that my co-workers all teased me about something going on with us!  I got to see her a few times after that over the years and am just kickin’ myself for missing her this summer.   I will never forget Teena and I will always miss her!

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