Of Apple vs Samsung, Cheating Starlets, and Abusive Basketball Husbands!

Cartoon Me On Drawn on The Samsung Note 10.1


The lawsuit by Apple against its closest competitor for smartphone and tablet dominance, Samsung is a frivolous one.  Apple is claiming that they have a complete patent on the design.  To prove it, their lawyer opened his case with statement and pictures to back his claim, that after 2007 Samsung phones began to resemble iPhones!  But this is is a stupid argument.  All smartphones resemble each other by necessity.  Designs naturally change with the times and innovation.  Should Samsung phones and all Apple’s competitors phones still look like they did 7 years ago?  Smartphones didn’t even really exist back then.  So phones naturally need to be designed to suit the features and consumer needs.  HTC phones also look like iPhones now, as do the Nokia Windows phones.  Apple is just acting like a spoiled brat, jealous that Samsung designed a sleeker phone that, in my opinion, is better than the iPhone.  It would be like saying that when the rotary phone was invented that no other company could have a circular dialing face on their phone.  Or alternatively, after Daimler and Maybach invented their first four-stroke four-wheeled automobile, no other car could have four wheels!  Then there is the ridiculous Apple claim that the icons on the Samsung phone are stolen.  Icons are icons and will by necessity look similar!  It’s like claiming keyboards have the letters in the same place!  Again frivolous.

I do think that the Samsung legal team should have more properly prepared defense witness Leeyuen Wang, who had just given birth when Samsung began developing the S series.  Wang gave way TMI into the slave-like work conditions at Samsung when she testified stating, “I seldom got more than two or three hours of sleep a night.”  She then went on to describe how the added workload kept her at  separated from her newborn.   And further that she wanted to save breast milk for the child to drink in her absence “but breast feeding had to come to a stop because I wasn’t able to give milk any longer.  It was very hard work, difficult times.”  This is the craziest thing I have ever heard in a corporate lawsuit.  With women worked so hard their breast milk dries up, if Samsung wins the Apple case, there may be a query into work conditions for working mother.

And speaking of awesome Samsung products, today I attended the breakfast launch of the incredible Samsung Note 10.1 here in NYC.  While I wasn’t a big fan of the Note, which I found to be just a too big smartphone, this tablet ROCKS!  Unfortunately, unlike the Galaxy SIII, Samsung didn’t get us one to review.  So while we went through the features at the launch, we can’t tell you much about how it is to actually use.  Hilariously, Travis Merrill, the Head of Marketing for Samsung was at the end of a riveting presentation of the new tablet’s features, when he said “And in six minutes…” which made the whole audience think it was gonna be another Samsung Oprah-like moment and we were going to receive them, like at the Galaxy SIII launch.  You could just hear the air suck out of the room in anticipation.  But instead, he finished the sentence with “…you can buy one at Best Buy.”  This was an unusual faux pas in ordinarily flawless Samsung marketing and drew snickers from a media crowd used to receiving gifts and review units!   Yes, I can certainly BUY any tablet on the market.  But if  you want me to review and promote YOURS, you need to get one into my hands for a spell!  And at $499, the same price point as an iPad, it is also too expensive even with the incredible features.

With the Kristen/R-Patz breakup, Rob made out the worst in this scenario.  Kristen has made him look like a whipped wimp!  And she is toast – can’t act and people will not like her now.  She had way more to lose than Rupert Sanders. who is relatively unknown here.  But these fleeting affairs have always gone on in film sets.  Female stars regularly bedded their directors and or/co-stars.  Hell, Joan Crawford slept with almost all of her directors.  The difference is in the old days, it ended when the movie wrapped and both star and director went home and played happy families with their real loves.  Both Kristen and Robert were stupid to bring this mess home with her.  This affair should’ve been as stale a day old craft service bagel by the time she returned to Robert’s arms!  Jon Stewart is right, Rob.  Kick her to the permanent curb lest you look like a pathetic wimp.  But what the hoo is this double standard, whereby Kristen has been fired from the remainder of the Snow White series, but Sanders retained?  Is Hollywood time traveling back to Puritan times?  What next a scarlet letter sewn on all her clothing?  It took two to messily tangle.  So if one is fired, so should the other be.

What is with these abusive basketball  players?  That knucklehead Kris Humphries, that dumbasses Kris (how ironic that Kim has two Kris’ with a “K” in her Life) and Bruce Jenner allowed their beautiful daughter Kim to get hitched to, is turning out to be the ex-from-hell!  Reportedly, his latest antic is trying to subpoena Kim’s latest beau, Kanye in this mess (honestly, I’m sick of the “Ks” even though these two are an adorable couple!).  Really, dude?  Get a flippin’ Life already!  I could nev-ah see what Kim saw in him anyway as I would definitely never be able to wake up to that mug!

And finally, Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson should rename himself CAD Johnson for what he did to Evelyn Lozada!  With VH-1 in need of a replacement for the now canned “Ev and Ocho”, perhaps the real reality show is these jerks in counseling for domestic abuse.  Kudos to Evelyn for being smarter than that Rhianna and getting right out of that violent mess.  She now needs to sue him for fraud.  My heart goes out to Evelyn in this very difficult time filled with so much loss.  Keep the Faith, Ev and know that God has a plan.  Hopefully, this is a wake-up call to every gal that thinks a baller is the man-0f-her-dreams and answer to her prayers!  For every fairy tale couple Life, like La-La and Carmelo, there seem to be a slew of nightmare scenarios.  But God truly doesn’t like ugly!  The videotape of Ocho getting Ocho -sixed from the Miami Dolphins is just the beginning of his just rewards.

Till next time, why don’t you…make sure that you are breathing deeply.  Oxygen is key to outstanding health and well-being.



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