TGATP Must-Have Product: Bring it Up Breast Shapers

With aging, weight loss, or after pregnancy, our tatas are often in need of a little boost!  Enter the wonderful new products from Bring It Up, which allows for the most incredible lift available without surgery.Defying gravity, Bring It Up Breast Lifts restore “your girls” to their youthful lift and perkiness.  The lifts are hypoallergenic, water and perspiration proof– even in high humidity climates.  Virtually undetectable, Instant Breast Lifts are the perfect “no-bra” solution for swimsuits, backless and strapless fashions.  Available in size A to  D and larger, they can even be worn inside a bra for enhanced comfort, support and lift for cup sizes D and larger.  The reusable lifts can be worn up to 25 times!  Translucent and smooth, they produce a natural, up-lifted shape, virtually undetectable even under clingy fabrics.  Made of 100% silicone adhesive, the lifts are gentle on the skin and easy to apply and remove.

TGATP loves this product and feels that every TGATP gal needs a set on hand.  I was sent a pair and sported them under my Halloween costume for support.  I am also always on the lookout for anything that rids women of one of my greatest fashion don’ts – a visible bra or bra strap – which I find to be the height of tacky!  Unless you are Madonna and this is the ’80’s, please don’t do it.  Just Bring It Up instead.

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