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In the past, I was always that girl who traveled with far more than I needed for most voyages.  But after years of backaches from carting overly heavy bags, every item in my bag is planned and packed for use!  This year, I spied a ton of travel items that will make your holiday travel and vacation trips much easier.

The Samsonite Cosmolite Spinner This is my dream suitcase and number one on my travel wish list.  Weighing in at just 7.3 lbs, it allows you to pack a tons of clothes, shoes, and accessories in fashionably, featherweight luggage. The four multi-directional spinner wheels allow 360 upright rolling, so there is no weight on your arm.  For any over packer, this is the ultimate travel must have!

Logictech Portable Speakers – I am music mad, so I have to have the best audio system wherever I go.  This sleek portable system weighs just is less than an inch thick yet offers a whopping   of fantastic sound for your I-Pod and I-Phone. There’s even a jack so you can plug the speakers into your computer and listen to your Pandora and one charge delivers up to eight hours of cordless audio!  This is a travel must.

Fit Kit – Your gym on the road, the Fit Kit allows you to continue to stay fit even though you just ate enough calories in one day for the next two years!  With an exercise band, resistance band, jump rope, and stability attachment, and pedometer, this kit has everything you need in a small little tube.

Amazon Kindle 3G – My favorite and most used device, The Kindle 3G is a must have for every traveler since you can transport 3,500 books and a tons of magazines with you!   In addition, the 3G WiFi allows you to buy new books in seconds!

Apple I-Pod Classic – I live for my I-Pod and have, every type of music imaginable for every type of mood livable, downloaded onto it!  As I have so much on mine, my choice is the I-Pod Classic. The Touch versions only hold 64GB and are $150 dollars more which to a musical pack rat like TGATP is virtually useless.  I downloaded 64 GB in the first three weeks of owning my Classic!  I really wish Apple would find a way to make a Touch version with the 160 GBs that the Classic packs.  There is a rumor that the Classic might be discontinued but I sure hope not!

Samples – I  used to lug around full-sized versions of my favorite face creams and hair products making my bag weigh a ton before I even put the clothes in!   Even the travel sized versions tend to be too big, so go to your favorite counters and get paper thin or mega mini samples of the newest products from your favorite brands.  This is a practical solution, in more ways than one, since it also allows you to try out a variety of products at the same time as it saves you space.

Happy Trails!

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