TGATP Holiday Gift Idea: Board Games

This Christmas, make a return to more traditional games and have hours of fun with your family.  TGATP has the whole slate of offerings from Buffalo Games.  At under $20, all these games are wonderfully affordable and make ideal gifts for your friends and family, as well as, your holiday hosts!

A fun and easy to learn word game, The Last Word tests player’s vocabulary skills in a rapid fire race against the buzzer!  How to play:

My next favorite is Truth Be Told, the must-have party game of 2010, that tests how well you really know your friends and family!  How to play:

And finally, there is Likewise, a zany and wildly addictive match game.  How to Play:

I am also crazy for the Consensus games from Mindlogic.  Consensus does not test your knowledge of anything!  There is no trivia or right or wrong answer.  Players simply have to answer the questions in agreement.  Not just fun and educational. Consensus also allows friends and family members to  get to know each other a bit better.  There are a variety of editions, including an award winning Junior version, and the newly launched Movie and Music versions.  TGATP had a blast chatting with Marshall Chrein, the creator of Consensus, particularly about the movie version.  With no prior knowledge of films, Marshall watched more than 200+ movies in six months time to develop the game.    (Since I am an absolute film addict, TGATP has offered to assist Marshall in creating the questions for the next movie edition.)

In addition to these games, I also highly recommend the Beatles Monopoly set, which substitutes hotels and utilities of the traditional Monopoly, with recording studios and concerts and Beatles themed game pieces like a walrus, a strawberry, and a hammer.

So this Christmas, let the games begin!

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