TGATP Gift Idea: Homedics Massagers

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With so much unemployment, war, environmental crisis, and general stress, I believe that it is vital to make sure your home is a relaxing oasis from the frenetic pace of modern living.  To that end, the perfect TGATP home includes all the many amenities that will transform the home into a spa.   I discovered the new Homedics products at a holiday gift fair and was thrilled when the Homedics gals asked me to try three of their very best massage products.  I now use them religiously and highly recommend them as holiday gifts for yourself and everyone you care about!

The first product is the Deluxe Shiatsu One Massaging Cushion.  I adore this product because if you close your eyes it feels as if there is someone actually giving you a chair massage. (I’ve named my “Hugh” as I like to envision a shirtless Hugh Jackman behind the couch giving me a massage!) It has a remote control with a number of settings that target your lower and upper body and it provides either a rolling or shiatsu massage.  It even heats up and vibrates for further relaxing stimulation.  You can adjust the position of the rollers at the touch of a button to fit your height.  The instructions say that you are only supposed to use it for fifteen minutes at a time but I just wanna stay onboard all day!  I intend to have at least fifteen minutes in Hugh’s hands every day!


Secondly, the Shiatsu Lumbar Massaging Cushion. Targeting the lower back with a deep kneading action, this is the perfect gift for anyone on your list with lower back problems.  I am using it as I write this post and it is very, very soothing.  And priced at only $39.99, it’s a steal!


And lastly, a product that I desperately needed as I always seem to be carrying tension in my shoulders, the Therapist Select Shiatsu Pillow.  This product is the ultimate in relaxation as it allows you to lie down while having the knots worked out of your neck and shoulders.  Since we are always carrying bags full of stuff from the shops, most NY gals will simply love this product!  For a truly unforgettable holiday gift, I would couple these products with some mediation tapes, like the Unplug Series from Sharon Salzberg, or an ethereal classical music CD, like the Satie Piano Concertos.

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