TGATP Kitchen Must Have: Takeya Iced Tea Maker Pitchers

With obesity skyrocketing in this country and everyone watching their weight, why drink your calories?  The average 8 oz. glass of soda, even the healthy versions like Anirondack, are packed with sugar and carbs.  And diet soda is a definite no-no, since it is loaded with aspartame, a known toxic.  (A few months back, I drank diet sodas and ended up with multiple migraines due to the aspartame, so now I don’t go anywhere near it!)  So kick those sodas off your list and substitute them with chilled herbal tea, the best healthy and natural thirst-quencher for a hot summer day!

The Takeya Iced Tea Maker Pitcher (featured in the gift bag at this year’s Total Home Show) is a wonderfully innovative, affordable, and eco-friendly addition to every modern kitchen.  It takes all the work out of making iced or hot tea since you simply add tea to the lid infuser and brew it in the pitcher.  Made of BPA-free AcraGlass and dishwasher friendly, the pitchers come in two sizes making it perfect for either individual use or entertaining.  At just $17.99 for the small 25 oz size and $29.23 for the 66 oz. or the set for $38.37 on Amazon, this is also a great host, housewarming, or off to college gift.

(A TGATP tip:  Instead of loose tea, I simply put tea bags in the infuser to make clean up less arduous. In addition, you can add a bit of agave and simply cold brew your favorite tea in the fridge.  I have a pot of Redbush Chai going right now!)

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