Support Our Troops with Hooters Calendar Drop and Jane Wayne Gear!


Hung with the Hooters gals as they signed their 2010 Hooters calendar at the NYC location of the restaurant (211 W. 56th b/tw 7th & Broadway). There were tons of happy fellas who left with signed calendars and a smile.  Just gotta love guys in uniform!  One hot soldier asked me was I in the calendar!  Every year Hooters Restaurants sends the latest Hooters Calendars to US Troops overseas as part of the Operation Calendar Drop program. From Veteran’s Day through the holidays, customers can drop by their local Hooters to purchase the calendars and write a special message and Hooters will send the calendars to one of our troops overseas.


And speaking of supporting the troops, check out the funky fashion line Jane Wayne Gear.  Founded in 2001, Roxanne Reed makes trendy gear for military wives and their families.  Utilizing camouflage and pink, Roxanne’s clothes are adorable.  As an active military spouse, Roxanne considers Jane Wear Gear more than a product.  She seeks to have her clothing embody the philosophy of doing good things for the military community and helps other military wives and civilian women by mentoring them to start their own businesses.  Jane Wayne Gear is available at:

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