20 Questions with Amanda Dolan!

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Amanda Dolan is a NYC Mixed-Media Artist that is inspired by the everyday beauty in Life!  Her new series “Precious Things” is an ode to the small things in life that make us smile, and it opens at the Ward-Nasse Gallery in SoHo on October 17th, 2009.  Whether it is your pet, your love of music, your dreamy ethereal, abstract side, Amanda transforms your heart’s desire onto canvas and creates a colorful, dreamy, glittery moment in time!  For more information, you can check out:  www.AmandaDolan.com.

1. Inspired by: My Family, Friends, Animals, Glitter, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Fashion, Food  Life in general.

2.  Remembered as: The Sweetest Girl.

3. Believe in: Honesty.

4. In 5 years: Married, still in NYC, painting commissions all over the world.

5. In 20 years: A painting in the MOMA.

6.  Happiest when: I’m in my PJ’s with my Man and my dog by my side.

7. Can’t stand it when:  People are jealous haters!

8.  Will always:  Be cheerful

9. Awestruck by: Rock n’ Roll

10. Saddest when:  My Grandma died.

11. Angry that: People underestimate me!

12.  Regret: NOTHING!

13. Theme Song: Toss up between “Celebrity Skin” by Hole and “Come on Feel the Noise by Quiet Riot/Suede

14. Can’t live without: Lipstick.

15.  Am searching for: More Galleries that like me!

16.  Will never: Change!

17. Would Change: Nothin’.

18. Heart’s desire: To always have love, love, love!

19. Motto: Don’t take it all so seriously.

20. Favorite Fictional Character: “Jonathan Ames” played by Jason Shwartzman on HBO’s “Bored to Death”.

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