Skinny’s Satay Will Be Your New Fave NYC Spot


New fast-casual chain Skinny’s Satay is pleased to announce the opening of its first three locations; Gansevoort Market opening on June 1st 2017, followed by locations in Queens Center in July and Dumbo in September.  

Owned by Jesse Baer of Bleeko Group, Skinny’s Satay will provide New Yorkers with the same addictive and high-quality culinary satay product originally made famous by restaurateur Stratis Morfogen, the founder and former CEO of upscale Asian eatery Phillippe Chow—now in a fast, affordable and hip way available in the city’s best food halls and markets.
The Skinny’s Satay sauce, which comes in the famous peanut variety, as well as non-peanut and extra spicy, is completely unique and is created through a technique that few in the world have mastered. The addictive velvety sauce is achieved through an intense heating and cooling process taking place over the course of two hours. Satays will be available in chicken, beef, shrimp, lobster, tofu, veggie, and will range from $3.50 to $9.95 per satay variation.
“The gluten free satays created by our chefs for the past 20 years have only been available to a select clientele,” says Stratis Morfogen. “We created Skinny’s Satay with the aim of serving the other 99% so that they can enjoy this special product in a quick service environment.”
Open for lunch and dinner, other items on the Skinny’s Satay menu will include chicken pops, fresh salads, and fries. Skinny’s will also offer a “Satay Around the World” special, including variations of the famous satay such as Mediterranean and others to be introduced in the future.
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