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While I  am generally pretty good about making sure my nails are done, when I get too busy they can look a hot mess!  Thus, I need a product that lasts.  Gel manicures, which are all the beauty rage, seemed the perfect solution but are a bit too costly in the salon.  So TGATP was so elated to learn about SensatioNail, the new at-home gel manicure kit.  For the price of just one salon treatment, you can enjoy unlimited DIY, damage proof nails that lasts for up to 2 WEEKS!  (I nicked one of mine a week in.  But I am in the process of moving, so have been a bit rougher on the nails than usual.) 

The application is an extremely simple 3 steps.  PREPARE:  You clean the nails with the Gel Primer, then apply Gel Base & Top Coat and cure under the light for 30 seconds. LAQUER UP:  Then laquer on your favorite shade of SensatioNail Invincible Gel Polish and cure for 60 seconds. PROTECT:  Seal in the color with Gel Base and Top Coat and cure for a final 30 seconds.  Wipe nails with gel cleanser and that’s it! – great nails for 10 days to 2 weeks. (TGATP tip:  When mine were done at the demo, the manicurist placed four fingers on one hand with the thumb from the other for more even light curing.)

For just $59.99, the SensatioNail Starter Kit includes:

     Pro 3060 LED Lamp   

Gel Cleanser     Gel Primer      Color Gel Polish

Gel Base & Top Coat      Wood Manicure     Lint-Free Wipes

          Double-sided Nail Buffer


The polish color for the kits are Scarlet Red, a spicy orangy red perfect for every season or Raspberry Wine, a rich merlot colored red.  You can also choose from 24 other dazzling colors, like TGATP favorites, the cotton-candy like Pink Chiffon and the Coral Sunset.  Best of all, the polishes are Formaldehyde, Toulene, and Dibutyl Pthalate free and each polish will provide up to 25 manicures.  Gone forever are my days of quick polish swipes to hide chips.  This product is a TGATP must-have for every properly groomed gal!  Formulated for the busy woman on-the-go, your nails will never look better.  The one thing I would like to see, in terms of future innovation for the line, is a quick dissolve remover as dipping fingers in acetone for 15 minutes at a time just can’t be a good thing for us or the environment.

SensatioNail products are available at CVS stores nationwide and online.

Update:  Make sure to regularly oil your nails and remove the nails after 2 weeks.  I left mine on for too long and weakened my own nails.


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