Nescafe Brunch with Stephen Saint-Onge

Having given up the major vices of drinking and smoking, my new addiction is decaf coffee!  I take mine hot, sweet, and creamy, (like my….well we won’t go there!) and I turn each cup into a low-fat, dessert-like experience.  While I never really drank coffee before, my coffee habit is daily.  Thus it was a welcome convenience that Nescafe invited me to a brunch highlighting their new Dolce Gusto line up!  Held at the Robert Verdi Lounge (which I fortunately had a much better time at on this occasion than at Fashion Week) guests were treated to sumptuous breakfast hor d’oeuvres while being introduced to the chicest lil’ coffee makers on the design scene.

Host Stephen Saint-Onge was wonderful and his love for the product was infectious.  And best of all, each of the guests was promised the Piccolo!  The machines will be delivered straight to our doorsteps in the next few weeks solving my coffee maker dilemma!   Since I downed three coffees at the brunch, I’m sure mine is going to get a right and proper workout!

(One suggestion to the folks at Nescafe.  Since there are tons of health conscious folks monitoring their caffeine intake, whether by choice or necessity, please make more decaf options available, as there is currently only one.)

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