Thillist’s Hamptons Party in 125 words

Great start!  Wonderful breakfast.  Nice gift bags:  Cool t-shirts. Wand Remotes. Molton Brown soap. Naughty Charades game.  Raucous bus ride.  Loads of girls.  Few boys.  Dreadful bus bathroom.  Play Naughty Charades.  Fun.  Tasty RUB lunch. Party.  Small room. Cool photo booth.  Drunk people. Tray diving.  Yummy virgin mojitos. Back on bus. Obnoxious drunk guy. Music or movie?  Drunk guy prevails.  Loud music. Talk of politics. Country music played.  Shop talk.  Arrive home.  Dumb friend.  WTF?  My stuff stolen.  Gift bag  Personal items.  Gone!  Grossed out.  Stealing at parties?  Who does that?  Real lowlife!  No one helps.  Very pissed off.  Ruined day!

A day later.  Still pissed off.

Note to Self:   Friend unreliable.  Too dumb.  Watch own stuff.  At all times.  Losers/thieves abound.  Even at parties!


That Girl At the Party

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