TGATP Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Homedics SoundSpa Fusion

This Mother’s Day,  TGATP recommends that everyone gift their Moms with items that will turn her house into a Spa away from home, so that she can escape for at least an hour every day.  As a good night sleep is the first vital to one’s mental and physical health, the first gift item I would like to reccomend is the SoundSpa Fusion from Homedics!  This is an especially wonderful gift for a city Mom because no matter how quiet the neighborhood there always seem to be noises that intrude into our households. (Last year, my irritating landlords installed some sort of weird generator that annoyingly drones on and off, all day and night, right under my bedroom window!  So I definitely love mine!)

This marvel of a clock radio plays an I-Pod or other MP3 player, has a built-in AM/FM radio, includes a 15. 30, 45, or 60 minute nap feature and a dual alarm with snooze, charges your I-Pod and allows you to wake up to either your programmed I-Pod choice, the radio, nature sounds, or a beep tone.  There are also five separate faceplates to allow you to customize the SoundSpa to fit the decor of your room.  But my very favorite feature is that the SoundSpat allows you to filter out background noise while you read, work, study or fall asleep with gentle nature sounds that include rain, ocean waves, night sounds, a waterfall, a brook, or a sunrise.   I have never slept more blissfully!

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