Mirror Mirror Is The Perfect Flick for Girls of All Ages


Mirror Mirror, the first of two new reworkings of the Snow White tale slated for this Spring, is light and whimsical.   With Lily Collins in the role of a tougher and activist minded Snow White, this is no wussy version. A princess for the people, one gets the impression that if this Snow White were around today, she would be an Occupy Wall Streeter!  Armie Hammer is perfectly cast as Snow’s love interest, Prince Alcot.  We swooned every time we got to see him stripped to the waist, which was blessedly often.  Nathan Lane is Nathan Lane with witticisms and merriment abound.

Although Snow is supposed to be the heroine, in this case, it really is age before beauty.  Because Mirror Mirror is all about Julia Roberts!  Delightfully evil as Snow’s vain stepmother, she carries the whole film.  In fact, she is so wickedly fun that, at points, you find yourself rooting for her.  After all, every smart person knows that the Prince would definitely  have a more rousting roll in the hay with this experienced Black widow than with the never been kissed Snow.   It is wonderful to see our still gorgeous Julia, thirty years after we first fell in Love with her, comfortable enough in her skin to play with the concept of aging.  Her evil stepmother is Norma Desmond, Margo Channing and Cruella De Vil all mixed in one.  And speaking of aging, seeing former Brat Packer Mare Winningham as a matronly maid was jarring.  Although a contemporary of Julia and Demi Moore, she looks much older now.

The film is visually stunning created  from the mind of one of TGATP’s  favorites for ions, Tarsem Singh.  I first experienced the cinematic artistry of Tarsem in the late 90s when the commercial production company I worked for received his reel.  Tarsem is not a mere Director, he is a Visual Artist, who delivers the most stunning and unforgettable imagery imaginable.  I LOVE him and the fantasy genre is perfect for him. The scenes where Roberts talks to the mirror are particularly breathtaking.

While dubbed a family movie, this one is more geared towards girls of every age.  It’s perfect for a mother-daughter girl’s day at the movies.

TGATP Tip:  If you are in NYC, make it a day to remember for you and your favorite little girl with a trip to American Girl, then a viewing of Mirror Mirror capped off by a trip to Alice’s Tea Cup.

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