Joe Fresh Says F U To Curvy Girls

My Very Tight Joe Fresh Size 12

When I was younger and a size 6, I used to be able to just pick cute things off the rack at any store and trust that it would look great. But over the years, I have yo-yo’d between a size 12 and a size 14, never really getting much smaller than a 10 no matter how much weight I lose.  Thus, now shopping is more of a “try on everything then rotate 360 several times to check angles” affair. In addition, my style has – as every woman’s should – changed drastically and taken a conservative turn as I get older. In bikinis at 25, I am now a Peter Pan collar type of gal!

I had long ago given up on stores, like Zara, that make even their large only fit for an anorexic! However, there are a few stores I can almost always count on to have something adorable. Kohls online is one and Loft is another steady go-to for elegant pieces season after season.  And for the last two years, Joe Fresh has been my mainstay for Spring/Summer with stylishly different pieces at crazy affordable prices.

It became another shop off the rack for me store and a good third of my last two summer wardrobes consisted of Joe Fresh pieces.  So it was with great anticipation that I went to shop their latest offerings. Immediately upon entering the store, I spied two dresses with my name all over them!

This gorgeous African print sheath (see above) and a Black sheath with a ruffled collar. I scoured the racks for my size to no avail. So I asked a salesperson who said that they didn’t have it. I then asked her to call another store and see if they could hold it only to find out that Joe Fresh no longer carries a size 14 AT ALL!

My beloved go-to store has basically decided to say “F$%k You” to the average American woman, who is a size 14, which is retail suicide. You can’t launch a brand with set sizes, develop a loyal following then decide to eliminate certain sizes thus dissing the large amount of customers that wear those sizes!  What is the intended message? We have decided you are too fat to wear our clothes?  It’s just bad business!

While I am dropping weight for health reasons, I am sure I am not the only disgruntled curvy gal, who smells sizeism at play!

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