TGATP Loves Jamie McLean Completely

Last Wednesday night, Esquire Magazine held a release party for TGATP favorite rising artist Jamie McLean‘s new album “Completely” at the Canal Room.  A massive fan of country rock and plain ole good pop, TGATP predicts very big things for the Jamie McLean Band! I simply love this album particularly the title track, “Completely,” which is my favorite song right now. My second favorite track “Checkmate” written by collaborator John Solo, will play over and over in your head with the best use of the word “motoring” since Night Ranger’s “Sister Christian”“Ain’t Nobody Like My Baby” will always have happy TGATP memories, as it was one of the first songs that I heard Jamie sing, at the wonderful Esquire House party back in October. “Summer Rain” is a definite hit and “Nathalie” is hauntingly romantic. The only misfire is “Bible,” which as a Christian gal, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of lyrically.

Listening to Jamie croon and strum about relationships will definitely make every TGATP gal’s fancy lightly turn to thoughts of love, or at least, lovemaking!  Catchy and infectious with very sexy lyrics (whatta naughty boy!), Completely is a definite must for your summer playlist!


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