TGATP Wishes Everyone A Swift Recovery from Hurricane Sandy

Although we lost substantial income due to being unable to work this week with everything cancelled and our internet out,  TGATP was very blessed to be safe after the devastation that Hurricane Sandy left in her wake.  The Uptown Manhattan neighborhood that I live in is still vibrant with the McDonald’s, bodegas, and our local bakery open.  Hell, even the beauty supply shops are bustling!

But my heart goes out to all the families that lost loved ones and/or suffered home and property loss during the storm.  I was particularly saddened to hear of the mother, who lost her three children when a tree hit there home.  And I’m sorry but the Atlantic City Mayor is an idiot!  People should have been told to evacuate.  If New Yorkers, in low level areas, were told to evacuate then people living in a BEACH town should DEFINITELY have gotten out!

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