BFFL Bags: The Ultimate Goody Bags Help Patients Recover

Would you believe the gift bags at the Oscars are worth over $150,000 apiece?  These highly coveted bags containing every type of luxury good from trips to jewelry to gourmet foods, plastic surgery and personal training sessions –  keep recipients pampered and busy until the next awards season!   Who cares about the golden statue or the red carpet – I’ll take the goody bag, thank you very much.

Well, hospitals are learning a thing or two from the little “business” transaction that takes place when the stars leave the Academy Awards ceremony.   They have begun to send patients home with goody bags designed to enhance recovery and make patients feel truly cared for.

One such product, the BFFLBag®, is a beautifully designed, colorful duffel bag chock full of comfort and recovery products.  Designed by Dr. Elizabeth Chabner Thompson, a wonderful M.D. and patient advocate, these bags are helping to reinforce the image of many hospitals around the country and are setting a trend in medical care that sends patients the message that “we cherish you.”   The response from patients, caregivers and medical professionals has been tremendous.  I had the pleasure to meet Dr. Liz at the Moms “Toast To Survivors” Luncheon and her commitment to patient care and comfort is unstoppable.

Hospitals such as the Mt. Sinai Dubin Breast Center, St. Luke’s Roosevelt, National Rehabilitation Hospital, Cedars-Sinai, University of South Alabama Medical Center, St. Johns Riverside and Dobbs Ferry Hospital all believe in sending the message, “we cherish you as a patient.”” and thus send all their patients home with a BFFL bag.



The bags make wonderful and practical gifts for anyone you know who is either in the hospital or has been though a difficult procedure.  You can order a bag at  For each condition-related BFFLBag® sold,  BFFL Co will donate 15% of the proceeds to a charity providing research and support for that condition.  The BFFLO website also contains a wealth of information on patient recovery, breast cancer, brain injury, having a baby, and prostate cancer.  TGATP is very excited to be working with Dr. Elizabeth to promote her messages of hope, healing, compassion and comfort.


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