Happy Easter and Passover from TGATP!


Have a Happy Easter Sunday and a wonderful Passover season!  This high Holy season, let’s live in Peace and Love.  With both Easter and Passover falling on the same days, what a wonderful time to concentrate on that which unites us, rather than the superficial illusionary things that divide us.

This year has special resonance for me.  The double whammy of my Mom’s passing last April 4th, 2011, combined with an extended battle for my home of 16 years, made this the most challenging year of my entire Life.  So the lesson of Jesus’ resurrection and the story of the Egyptians’ Exodus has been great solace.  They teach us that we will all go through a great deal in Life, but with Faith will always emerge brighter and better than we ever were.

My favorite Reverend, August Gold gave a wonderful talk called “Making The Decision To Grow” on the subject of unexpected life changes, that incorporated the story of Exodus.  I highly recommend it for anyone going through a turning point in their Life.  You can download it on her site:  www.augustgold.net

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