Happy 420!

Happy 420! Weed just knocks me right out, so it’s always been a very special occasion thing in my house. But I do support full legalization. Like the prohibition on alcohol, making marijuana illegal is idiotic and impractical. I would much rather be around a stoner, who is only on weed (no weed with Hennessey bs!) than an alcoholic any day! 

Marijuana tends to mellow people out while alcohol just leads to aggression or loose behavior. And as for traffic accidents, stoners rarely want to get off the couch and go anywhere! But I hear it’s a lot stronger than when I was younger, so I could be wrong about the aggression part.

I do, however, feel that we are missing out on some major tax dollars in the states where it is still illegal for recreational use. People are always going to find ways to get weed. Why shouldn’t the States, and thus, the communities benefit from it? Also, smoking is so bad for your health, I would much rather that people have other options, like edibles.

To celebrate 420 here are some funny clips, music videos and a strange anime video I found with Snoop Dogg from YouTube:



That Girl At the Party

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