Happy 20th La Maison du Chocolat!

Having given up cigarettes and alcohol, my new and slightly less hazardous addiction are sweets of every sort!  La Maison du Chocolat is quite simply the best place in the City for any true chocoholic to get her fix.  I am absolutely mad for their Hot Chocolate, which is the only version that even slightly resembles the cups of cocoa that I consumed daily in Europe. I am also crazy for the Caramel Eclairs and the Pistachio ice cream topped with hot chocolate and crunchy chocolate bits.  (This is only served in summer but really needs to be a year-round thing.) A visit to this chocolate heaven, located on Madison and 78th, is a must and it’s the perfect place for a tete-a-tete with your friends and family this winter.

Last night, the La Maison du Chocolat – which has 10 locations in Paris and the surrounding area, 3 in NYC, 2 in London, 3 in Tokyo and 4 in Hong Kong – celebrated its 20th Anniversary with free sweets for all.  The line swelled around the block (thank God, I was on the list ’cause as you know TGATP doesn’t do lines) and upwards of 2000 people got to sample the chocolate delights!  I had so many of the yummy ice cream concotions that I am currently up writing this at 2:50am in a sugar induced state of hyperkinetic energy!  A NYC must!


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