Gift Buying For Children Made Easy

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Children want everything. Until they’re bored of it. Then, they want something else. Often in the same morning. This makes gift buying something of a problem. What’s popular today is tomorrow’s old news. You need options (see toys from Wicked Uncle). And sometimes, you need a few well-chosen timeless options that you can rely on when you really don’t know where else to turn…

A Watch

Depending on the age of the child, you may wish to switch up your decision between digital and analogue watches, because before the age of about 6 or 7, children may struggle to understand what all this nonsense about a big hand and a little hand is all about (personally, I never grasped that when adults were talking about “hands” on a clock face, they meant the thin sticks that pointed at numbers – even as an adult I still think to myself from time to time how bizarre it is that we call them hands?!).

Children love possessions. Any toy that is theirs gives them a responsibility to look after it, and a proud feeling that they own something, and power over who may play with their toy. In the adult world, a watch is a status symbol, and in the world of children things aren’t much different. Watches are cool and they won’t want to take it off. Themed toy watches are a solid option for children under the age of being able to tell the time, with branded watches being the order of the day for children who know how to use an analogue watch (the brand doesn’t have to be something extravagant – think more along the lines of sports shop brands).

Bedroom Furniture

No. Not a wardrobe. Not a Bookshelf. Not a bedside table. No. We’re talking about the fun stuff. We’re talking inflatable chairs, lava lamps, animal patterned rugs, and maybe an entertainment centre for their gaming console and TV (if you have the space and if they keep those things in the bedroom, obviously). These kinds of gifts don’t come around very often, because not many people think of children as having opinions on their bedroom, but they love to create their own space and add touches of personal style to their surroundings. Posters and wall art are great options, too. Anything that’s a little bit different will be greeted with open arms. They will be popping with excitement at the thought of having friends over to show off their new stuff. 

Bonus tip: If there’s any way that you could create a ‘den’ type space with bedroom furniture, like by replacing a bed with a bunk bed that sits above a treehouse style cubbyhole, you may just win the prize for best gift ever.

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