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I am just a complete old softy when it comes to tales about mother anythings and their babies! Disney’s new film “Bears,” a  nature documentary about a single Mama bear named Sky and her first year of raising her two cubs, Scout and Amber, is so beauttiful that, at times, I was teary-eyed. It is just so heartwarming to see her Love and concern for her babies and to realize that a Mother’s Love is universal, across and species.

We sit riveted as Sky travels the majestic Alaskan Pennisula, in search of the food she will need to fortify herself with, in order to be able to nurse her babies through the next winter’s hibernation. We witness her struggles to ward off both bear and wolf predators, who try to attack the vulnerable cubs, while she is hunting. We also get to experience her very deep Motherly Love for her little ones as she frolics, breastfeeds, and protects them. At one heart tugging moment, her sense of helplessness leads her to literally collapse in frustration, when it seems she will not locate the food she needs to sustain herself and her cubs.




As a deeply Spiritual person, I see God in all animals, so I was constantly in awe of the beauty and gloriousness of this film.   The sense of connectedness I felt for this single Mom and her kids was just so intense that I often felt overwhelmed with emotion.  Because this could’ve been any family from any species.

But don’t get the wrong impression, the film is also lighthearted and fun with hilarious improvisations in the narration from actor John C. Reilly.

At the press conference after the screening, I was blessed to meet one of my lifetime heroes, Jane Goodall and ask her this question:  “What is the one thing that you want your lifetime of work to teach us, as humans , about the wonderful animals that we co-habitate on this planet with?”  And she gave this wondrous answer:

“That animals are individuals.  Because once you see animals as individuals, you will care about them and once you care about them,  you will want to help them.  Because they need our help.”

To celebrate this year’s Earth Day, see Disney Nature’s “Bears” and celebrate your Oneness with Sky and her lovely wee ones, Scout and Amber.  See it in the first week and Disney will donate a percentage of the profits to the National Parks Foundation, which supports parks, like where Sky lives.


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