Cafe el Presidente Celebrates Taco Day

To celebrate National Taco Day this Saturday (Oct 4th), Celebrity Chef Jason DeBriere of Café el Presidente will also be featuring a special Pork Shank Adobado Taco on Saturday and Sunday to celebrate the day – tender slow cooked pork shank on the bone marinated for 24 hours in a dried chili rub, and served in a clay bowl with fresh tortillas [to share], with escabeche, chicharrones, a trio of salsas and rice and beans.

A step into Café El Presidente and you’re instantly transported from the streets of New York City to the streets of Mexico City. Famous for their VW taco bus, juice bar, and in-house tortilla factory churning out fresh tortillas throughout the day, Cafe el Presidente brings authentic Mexican taco culture to the Northeast US and it the perfect place to celebrate the day!
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