Burgers And Lobster Is Our Fav New NYC Hotspot!

What could be better than a joint dedicated to my two favorite food items at the affordable price of just $20!  Originating in London, Burger & Lobster just opened in NYC and has instantly become my new favorite hang-out!  The extent of the menu is: a 10oz burger, a 1 1/2 pound Lobster (either steamed of grilled) or a Lobster roll with a very healthy portion of lobster and each meal comes with thin-cut fries and a side salad.  I recommend either the burger or the lobster as I found the lobster roll a bit tiny to justify the price.  Or ideally, if you are a party of two, order two lobsters and a burger and split the gigantic burger.

Located at at 39 West 19th street (b/tw 5th & 6th) and open for lunch and dinner, seven days per week, the restuarant is a cavernous beauty of a space.  It is approximately 7,500 sq./ft. on the ground floor and 5500 sq./ft. on the lower level with a total of approximately 340 seats. There are also two very large and technically advanced lobsters tanks. One holds 4,000 lobster, that is referred to it as a “lobster-condo” and the other is a lobster tank that features larger lobsters from 3lbs to 15lbs.

Burger and Lobster was founded by four childhood friends and enthusiastic life-long entrepreneurs: Michael Zelman, Ilya Demichev, George Bukhov-Weinstein and Vladimir Borodin.

The other great thing about Burger and Lobster is the kicking sounds.  We wanted to stay for hours and found ourselves Shazaming all evening to find out what the hot tunes were.

Just thinking about it makes me wanna go back this evening and I probably will!

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