Attending the Apple Party, Dodging Weirdos, and Lovin’ the I-Pad

Not officially attending the Tribeca Film Festival this year as I am smack dab in the middle of a complete Life and Spirit renovation that is taking up most of my time.  I will, however, be attending and covering the better parties, such as tonight’s Apple Filmmaker Party and all of the Tribcea All Access events. Unfortunately, most truly great festival films either premiere at Sundance, which make them ineligible for the festival, or skip Tribeca altogether and wait a mere couple of weeks for the far more prestigious Cannes.  The timing of the festival has always been a problem for filmmakers and was not well thought out.  Few of the industry bigwigs or any of my film industry colleagues actually look at Tribeca as anything but a party and a vacation leading up to more serious business at Cannes.  One even challenged me to name a film that premiered at Tribeca and then went on to major success, which I can’t.  This is very unfortunate, as I have seen some great films, like Favela Rising and Mi Vida Dentro, that deserved better.  In addition, this year’s PR situation is a complete mess with too many hoops and hurdles to media trying to review the films.  It’s as if they are ashamed of their roster!  Thus, I will only be reviewing the few films worth seeing.

That said, as a social event, Tribeca will always has a special place in my party heart.  For it was through Tribeca that I first became a NY socialite.  The ten days of parties back in 2005, turned into five years of parties and gave rise to my society writing career and ultimately to That Girl At The Party, as an online magazine.

The Apple party is usually one of the best parties of the whole festival and last night’s was no exception.  With amazing catering from Deborah Gordon’s Entertaining Ideas and funky shake your groove thang spinning from Jacques Renault and his crew, the crowd partied heartily.  This party was so much fun that I had an equally good time sober as I did all the year’s I kicked back cocktails.  Every time you just wanted to dance your ass off!  And this year was particularly nice since it was not, unlike in past years, not overcrowded.  Perhaps it was still the Icelandic volcanic ash thing that kept the crowd small.  So jubiliant was this fete that, at the end of the evening, the Apple staff broke into a line dance with the guests all jumping in.

Only low point was that weirdo crasher/TGATP harasser, Vadim Levin and his new lady friend (what must she be smoking?) somehow got past security.  His new ploy is to try to harass me and the other legitimate guests by trying to take covert photos from across the room.  It’s very creepy to think what he is trying to do with these photos.  God knows, nobody wants this loser wanking over their picture!  It’s enough to put you off sex for a few minutes!  Can’t figure out why this idiot can’t figure out, that once he crashes a party, he should maintain a low profile instead of trying to annoy the real guests!  It just draws further attention to his weirdness and to the fact that he doesn’t belong at the event!  If this continues, I will be forced to get a restraining order.

Tried out the new I-Pad and simply have to have one!  LOVE how it feels in my hands and all the stuff it can do!  Lightweight with astonishing games and apps, The I-Pad is a definite TGATP must-have!  Since I  don’t want to have to pay yet another Wi-Fi bill. I am just getting the regular version which includes Wi-Fi without the 3G option, with requires a monthly AT&T payment.  I recommend the same option for everyone that already has internet in the house, especially in New York.  Wi-Fi is already prevalent enough that you do not need to add to your monthly expenditures.


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