It’s Here The Apple iPad Mini!

As widely anticipated, Apple held a press conference today to announce its new iPad offerings, the iPad 4 and the iPad Mini!  Personally, I am not thrilled with the Mini, as it comes too late and at a higher price point than my beloved Kindle Fire.  Had Apple dropped this baby, two years ago, then maybe I would’ve gotten one.  However, most of us Apple fans already have the regular iPad, it doesn’t feature the wonderful retina display screen or the new A6 processor (the Google Nexus 7 is faster) and at $199 the Kindle Fire HD is much more affordable, so not sure who the target market is for this product.

And speaking of Apple iPad owners, how much does it suck that Apple also announced a new iPad 4th generation just six months after the iPad 3 flew off shelves.  The announcement basically told us iPad 3 owners that our iPads are obsolete just months after we dropped a chunk of change on them!  Hell, the 3 has already been buried and you can’t even buy it on the site anymore!  Luckily, I had just bought mine last week on the gift card I won at the Sincerely Inc party, so I can take mine back.  But what of people, who plunked down $500 to $900 in the past six months?!  I think I would’ve held off on announcing the iPad 4 till late 2013.

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