An Evening in Rajasthan – Children’s Hope Gala


Children’s Hope India held their annual gala “An Evening in Rajasthan” celebrating Rajasthan’s music, cuisine, and culture.  Children’s Hope India was founded in 1992 by a group of NY businesswomen to aid the thousands of disadvantaged children in India.  From the first small investment of a thousand dollars that aided 25 children, the organization now pulls in a million dollars annually and supports a multitude of projects that eradicate hunger and provide shelter, education, and health care services.  In addition, Children’s Hope India has financed scholarships for several students from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh to assist them in receiving a college education.

Lavina Melwani, Princess Padmaja Khurani Mewar, Consul General, Dina, Maya, Dr

AJ Khubani and his lovely wife, Poonam were the recipients of this year’s Lotus Award, the organization’s highest honor recognizing corporate philanthropy.    As the founder of NJ based, Tele-Brands and the worldwide “Informercial King”, AJ and his company has brought us tons of fun and useful products including my favorite, the PedEgg, the Go Duster, Shoes Under, EZ Combs, and Windshield Wonder!   That AJ and Poonam take time to contribute is a beautiful testament and example for us all.

Princess Padmaja Kumari Mewar

The Guest of Honor was Princess Padmaja Kumari Mewar from the Royal House of Mewar , India and heiress of the HRH Group of Hotels.  Other distinguished guests included the Consul General of India Ambassador Prabhu Dayal.

To capture the feel of Rajasthan, guests were greeted with a silent auction that was set up like an open-air market bursting with color in the hallway.  With tons and tons and tons of food at the cocktail party before dinner was even served, all the guests were definitely well fed.  And by the end of the night, the party turned into hours of dancing to the hot sounds of DJ Satbir. A rollicking celebration of the State of Rajasthan this was the best gala I have attended so far this year!

Donations to Children’s Hope India are always welcome.  Your contribution helps make sure that we continue on the road to eradicating poverty for the children of India.

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