5 Reasons to Choose A Charter School

It’s no secret that the American educational system is struggling. Standardized test scores are falling, student to teacher ratios are climbing, and STEM ventures are failing. Thankfully, charter schools have come on the scene as another option for students who don’t fit into the public school fray. 

If your local public school doesn’t seem like it would be good for your child, maybe it’s time to look for a charter school that can fulfill your unique needs. There are a number of myths surrounding charter schools which can prevent parents from looking into the option. Here are 5 reasons why charter schools might just be the best choice for your child’s education.

Newer, Better Technology

Charter schools often offer better, newer technology than their public school peers. This is important because every job your child may one day get will require the consistent use of technology. Charter schools’ unique contracts allow them the flexibility to acquire and put in place new technology and curriculum for students to use and learn. 

Even parents get in on the technology in charter schools. School management systems help parents more readily navigate their child’s charter school experience with student info, school online payments, admissions, online grading, etc. all able to be easily accessed from a single app. No more calling the school office and being put on hold to call your child out sick. Going to charter schools is easier for parents and better for students, especially those technically inclined ones. 

STEM Focus

Charter schools’ unique structure also allows them to have more specialized, high-level classes on offer. There are charter schools that specialize in everything from STEM education to music, for example. In our modern, ultra-specialized world it pays to start the specialization process early. 

It’s not just specialized charter schools that offer a STEM focus, almost every charter school around these days recognizes the need for STEM education and has implemented programs to suit. Public schools are lagging because of their inability to change curriculum when new technology or standards come on the scene. 

If you have a STEM superstar, charter schools may be the answer for you. 

Location, Location, Location

The unfortunate fact is many times because of the lack of available public schools it will be locational concerns that cause you to choose a charter school over your local public option. Charters have been popping up to fill the needs of underserved lower-income and rural residents for years. That means at times you can save 30 min to even an hour of the daily commute by choosing a charter school over a public one. 

More Diversity

Charter schools also provide your kids with a more diverse education. It’s been proven that not only do charter schools have a more diverse student body on average, they also have a far more diverse teacher base.

According to Ron Rice, senior director of government relations at the National Alliance, “Research has shown that having classroom teachers who reflect the diversity of their students is extremely beneficial to students.” 

Reduced Class Size

Many charter schools offer reduced class sizes. This means more opportunity for those important one-on-one learning moments with the teacher. 

According to an article from the NYU Psychology Department, students in smaller class sizes are more likely to feel ‘safe and secure’ in their learning environments. Not only that, smaller class sizes have been associated with improved test scores and better attendance rates. Charter organizations like Cadence Education focus on maintaining strong student-teacher ratios, unfortunately, public schools aren’t able to do the same. There are a lot of reasons to choose charter schools, but perhaps the most important is reduced class size. The one-on-one attention with teachers is really that important.

Charter schools often get a bad rap, but the reality is they are a great option for many families. With a focus on new tech and STEM, more diversity, and reduced class size charter schools will be around for a long time to come as the ideal choice for many families.


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